Today, we are announcing a new partnership, the one that is mostly natural and feels really good.

GRAPE Protocol is partnering with UNQ.Club to work on the future of NFT market.

The NFT space is getting more and more traction, more people are getting involved, and what’s special about it is that we can see it becoming a connecting point between crypto and traditional world. A lot of people are getting introduced to crypto via NFTs — art, collectibles, and games. …

Recently we have announced our first partnership — with All-Art Protocol. Now we want to tell a little bit more on the core idea behind that partnership.

All-Art is a project created by professionals in the art collecting space. People with incredible experience and existing partnerships with a number of museums and galleries all around the world, they’ve been creating VR exhibitions for years now, and been researching potential of blockchain technologies since 2017.

Those things combined led them to the idea of the protocol that would actually help convert NFTs into a professional format, thus the name NFTPro. Currently…

This is our first blog post focused on the technical, not product, aspect of the UNQ.Club. For those who haven’t read previous parts — here is the intro, and here is the club functionality.


UNQ.Club is a blockchain platform focused on collecting NFTs.

Before we start, let’s agree on basic terminology.

NFT — or non-fungible token. Essentially a token that represents a unique asset, digital or physical. For example, every bitcoin is essentially absolutely the same as any other bitcoin. You can create a series of 1000 NFTs, and each of them will be unique, with its own unique history…

Clubs are, as the name suggest, at the very heart of the UNQ Club project. Here we will explain what the clubs are, how they function, and what are the possibilities for both collectors and supporters.

What is a club?

There are two major perspectives here. Let’s start with user’s perspective.

Clubs exist to make collecting easy. Not everyone has time or expertise to professionally collect different items, physical or digital. On the other hand, those who have usually are not too liquid (means they don’t have free money on their hand at all times) which makes it hard for them to expand collections…

Today, we are revealing the project we’ve been working on lately, something that has become our passion faster than we could have expected. We are not publishing the whitepaper yet, as it is still a work in progress, but we want to share the idea itself, as well as some major aspects of the project.

Brave new NFT

NFTs are all the rage these days. Artists, celebrities and, well, anyone, is jumping on the hype train. Collectibles of all kinds are flooding the digital world. Supply grows fast, demand — probably even faster, and this relatively new direction in crypto is moving forward…

UNQ Club

Building a platform for unique people collecting unique items. Join our Telegram group

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