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Recently we have announced our first partnership — with All-Art Protocol. Now we want to tell a little bit more on the core idea behind that partnership.

All-Art is a project created by professionals in the art collecting space. People with incredible experience and existing partnerships with a number of museums and galleries all around the world, they’ve been creating VR exhibitions for years now, and been researching potential of blockchain technologies since 2017.

Those things combined led them to the idea of the protocol that would actually help convert NFTs into a professional format, thus the name NFTPro. Currently most NFTs bear no right whatsoever. You purchase a token, and that’s it. Sometimes you would get some commercial right, but even in that case it would all have legacy format at best — some agreement published in some Discord channel, for example. Such an approach doesn’t really attract big collectors and big owners of art to the space.

NFTPro is a format that allows to create a number of licences for various sets of right attached to a particular NFT. And those licences can be purchased, staked (since they behave as tokens), traded, and so on.

And that, of course, is something of a great interest to us. Our main goal is to help people make collecting their full-time job, and that requires diversified revenue streams. So, we will integrate All-Art protocol so that clubs after purchasing an NFT could convert it into an NFTPro format and monetise all those licences, thus creating an additional revenue stream for the club.

If you are a project that can help create additional monetisation channels for NFTs — feel free to reach out to us at partnerships@unq.club.

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All-Art Protocol — NFT liquidity pools and license rights running on Solana.

Website — https://all.art/

Discord — https://discord.gg/deFH75PCkg

Twitter — https://twitter.com/AllArtProtocol

Telegram — https://t.me/allartprotocol

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